‘I have had the pleasure of working with both Ryan and Alison for many years within their role as recreation specialists and as a highly valued part of any therapy team with our mutual clients who have generally sustained a severe brain injury as a result of an accident or otherwise who might present with some other type of complex disability. Most of our clients are unable to return to their previous employment so the need for alternate meaningful activities is absolutely essential for both quality of life but also to support the person’s physical and mental health. Ryan and Alison both have extremely well developed interpersonal skills in really listening to their clients to determine what are their unique areas of recreational and social interest are and then collaboratively work with the client to help fill that gap with individualised and targeted activities. Ryan and Alison are both excellent communicators and often impress both their clients and their therapy team with their innovative approach’.    

– Sheridan Vines, Occupational Therapist    


‘Ryan and the rest of the team at Leisure Balance have been tremendous help from day one! They help me find activities that I have previously enjoyed and encouraged me to try new activities that I’ve never considered. They’ve been so helpful and supportive with the achievements and goals that I have. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else other than the team at Leisure Balance.’

– Hayden, client


‘Leisure Balance has been excellent and have helped me connect back to the community, through connecting me to organisations that I have volunteered with, to others such as recreation for sport and other activities.’

– Colin, client


‘Ryan’s strengths were in his familiarity with community and recreational activities, the tailoring of these to the client’s interest, the organisation of care workers and financial resources to get the client to/from the activity and the skill and experience to attend with him and show others how to work around some of the client’s behavioural issues.

Ryan’s willingness to work flexibly and as part of community therapist team, to creatively solve problems has help to maintain a cohesive team approach in supporting my client to achieve his goal “to lead a meaningful life.’

– Wendy, Intensive Support Coordinator


‘I found that attending “Leisure Balance” activities was fun and engaging. Alison & Ryan are filling the social gap of people with disabilities . Organising get-togethers for participants and their families & trivia quizzes & making a Facebook page, were all an opportunity to make friends & to continue friendships. All of these were appreciated to keep the social ties during the pandemic isolation.’

– Anat, client