At Leisure Balance we provide a unique assessment and follow up for individuals with disabilities to improve their quality of life through participation in recreation and leisure activities of their choice.  We often work with clients in complex situations. Our aim is to assess and support people to balance their life with leisure. This can help with adjustment to disability, improved self-confidence and independence through participation in chosen quality community based recreation and leisure options, often leading to increased social networks and potential friendships.

We are an innovative team of professionals with unique skills and experience to support people with disabilities to pursue and develop their interests regarding recreation and leisure.

We assess and support individual choice and aim to address all areas of a person’s recreation, leisure and social needs.

We assess and explore recreation, leisure and social options based on individual interests, skill level and future potential abilities. Many options are offered including individual activities, group activity, both mainstream and/or specialised programs.

We recognise that all people have individual needs and encourage independence. We also acknowledge that all people change over time as do their recreational and leisure needs.


Leisure Balance was established in 1993 by Alison Smith. Alison identified and filled a need for assessment for people with acquired disabilities to access community recreation and leisure options after discharge from rehabilitation. Leisure Balance was one of the first community based Recreation Specialist providers in the field. We now provide services to all people who have a disability and who wish to explore recreation and leisure interests of their choice.


To provide high quality, innovative and sustainable services and support to people with disabilities to enable them to develop and sustain a good quality of life, participate in the community as independently as possible.

Leisure Balance focus is on person centred practice, empowerment and creating an environment which enables our clients to make clear and informed choices. Leisure Balance works as part of holistic therapy teams.

Leisure Balance endeavours to improve access and acceptance of people with disabilities in the community, as well as providing training and support to community agencies in relation to including people with disabilities.


Leisure Balance Pty Ltd philosophy is based on the belief that everyone has the right to participate in quality social and recreational pursuits  of their choice.

“It’s all about the client”.

“Participation in a broad range of leisure activities has the potential to improve physiological and mental health, contribute to personality development (self-concept, self-esteem), improve psychological well-being (reduce anxiety and stress and increase sense of well-being) and assist in social learning (roles, tolerance, respect for others).”
(SGL Consulting Group 2003 p 32)


  • To conduct professional Recreation assessment & evaluation of individual client’s needs/choices
  • To provide information to client and or family/carers on appropriate leisure options considering disability
  • To explore appropriate leisure/sporting options
  • To provide information on adapted equipment & techniques.
  • To link clients in with mainstream community-based services or sporting groups when appropriate.
  • To refer clients to specialised recreation and social groups.
  • To link clients together when appropriate.
  • To provide leisure counselling & resourcing.
  • To assess, establish & review of leisure focussed attendant care programs.
  • To assess needs & support to set up holiday/respite options.
  • To conduct staff in services on leisure/recreation
  • To support clients to become involved in volunteer work when appropriate.
  • To promote and improvement attitude and access for people with disabilities in the wider community