Story from Anat…

My name is Anat Bigos.

I had a traumatic car accident while driving in 2004, resulting in an Acquired Brain Injury.

Prior to this, I finished my double degree studies at MONASH uni in Arts/Business (marketing) and I was looking forward to my future plans.

I spent a year as an exchange student in Chile and I really enjoyed travelling around the world.

I still speak a few languages and luckily, this part of my brain was not overly affected.

After my accident, I spent 3 months in a coma and one year in rehabilitation. My balance no longer works very well, hence I now need help with walking. Also, my speech isn’t clear, my memory isn’t working very well and many things I do, are quite slow.

It’s true that I have lost many abilities, however luckily I still enjoy writing. At the moment, my iPad is my best friend, but I try not spend too much time with it!

I wrote the piece in link here and below, while sitting in “iso”:

August 2020

Staying sane at home.pdf


“This puzzle represents my love of the ocean, scuba diving and sea life, it’s also neon and fluro with a black light,” Shayne



Paintings by Delia

Byron working on his Veggie Garden