"For the last 16 years, Leisure balance has played a very important role in my sons rehabilitation. They have helped guide us in the early years to what
would suit  Mathews stage of rehab, holidays, social activity( which is one of the hardest thing for someone recovering from an ABI, as they tend to
only have family to rely on) also arranging which carer suits what holiday, that is a great comfort to the family knowing that there son is having a great
time and being well looked after.  There 
hasn't been one instance that I have asked for help and support that they haven't been there, with advise and help.
The family and friends night organised by Leisure 
Balance has been a great success, seeing all the clients talking and sharing in something that
only someone in their situation would understand, and also gives them 
an opportunity to make new friends which is very difficult in there lives."   

Margaret King

"I first met Alison with the prospect of assistance to get into the community, I have a spinal cord injury and confined to a wheelchair! 
We discussed volunteering and travel, at this point I have successfully started at an Aged Care Nursing Home assisting the residents
with craft and bingo!
Alison is exceptional at her job and follows through with every task that is asked of her!
 We are still working on the travel!
I hope we continue to work together in the future!"

My son who has a ABI was referred to Leisure Balance by his occupational therapist who felt he needed a break from his normal daily activities.
We were lucky to meet with Sue Cox who not only had great organisational skills but had a wealth of knowledge of what was out there in the community.
Sue went out of her way to find the right activities and short holiday experiences to fit my son's personality. We have used Leisure Balance on
several occasions and cannot speak highly enough of their organisation."
Libby Daw 
 I refer my clients to Leisure Balance regularly and with confidence. I've seen each member of their team work with my clients to build on genuine interests, and get more meaning and enjoyment out of life. 
Anna Moriarty, Steps Neurological Physiotherapy.