Specialising in Disability/Therapeutic Assessment
of Recreation, Sport & Community Access needs for people with disabilities





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Leisure Balance was started by Alison Smith in 1993, after working at The Victorian Rehabilitation Centre for over 9 years as a Recreation Specialist and Rehabilitation Physical Educator.  
Alison has post graduate qualifications in Recreation & Physical Education  for people with disabilities, and Disability as well as Diploma of Teaching & Cert IV TAE.
Leisure Balance filled a need for assessment for  people with acquired disabilities to access community recreation option after discharge from rehabilitation.  Alison was one of the first  Community based Recreation Specialists.
Alison has  been in a number of diverse roles in her  working career and  volunteer work. These include as an employee, employer, director, committee member, committee chair person, water ski instructor.  In all these roles she takes pride in her work and  commitment level to the current position.  She always aims to be creative and innovative to get the best outcome for her clients.
Over the past 20 + years the focus of her work and voluntary activities has involved working with people with disabilities, from working directly with people with disabilities to running World Championship Event, Water Skiing for people with disabilities and sitting on World Committees.


We provide a unique assessment & follow up for individuals with disabilities to improve their quality of life through participation in recreational activities of their choice.  We often work with clients' in complex situations.

Our aim is to assess and support people to balance their life with leisure. This can help with adjustment to disability, improved self confidence and independence through participation in chosen quality community based recreational and social options.

We are a innovative team of professionals with unique skills and experience to support people with disabilities to pursue and develop their interests.


We assess and support individual choice and aim to address all areas of a person's recreational & social needs.

We assess and explore recreation/social options based on individual interests, skill level and future potential abilities. Many options are offered including individual activities, group, mainstream &/or specialised programs.

We recognise that all people have individual needs and encourage independence. We also acknowledge that all people change over time as do their recreational needs. 

tandem bike riding OUR KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in community based recreation, active pursuits and sport for people with disabilities
  • Excellent relationships with mainstream and specialised community based Recreation and Sport providers developed over many years
  • Creative and innovative approaches increasing recreational options for a clients
  • Complex holiday planning
  • Many years of experience working with complex individuals and families
  • Years of innovative development of new Recreation Programs e.g. involved in the initial development of many groups for people with disabilities, including programs for people with acquired brain injuries, target shooting for people disabilities, Water skiing
  • On-going strong community partnerships to develop new recreation options. e.g. scuba diving for people with disabilities, Ridability programs, snow skiing with DWA


  • Conduct a specialised recreation assessment & written report of individual client's recreational interests, needs, skills and potential abilities

  • Provide client and family with information on appropriate individual and group leisure options considering disability

  • Work with families to support client and family recreational options, 

  • If appropriate work with client and pre-accident friends to support them to stay involved with the client and provide natural support network

  • Link in with mainstream community based services or sporting groups or specialised groups for people with disabilities

  • Assess and review the support needed to enable a client to participate in chosen community based leisure/recreational activities including individual and shared care

  • Train support workers to provide on-going support to client as directed by Recreation Specialist
  • Assess client's needs to become as independent as possible in chosen leisure pursuits

  • Enhance peer support networks

Our work is based on the belief that quality recreation is a essential part of everyone's life.

We focus on assessing individual needs and goals and endeavour to develop a recreation/social program, which will be on-going, sustainable and will modify to meet the client's changing needs. We also have a strong belief that clients should participate in activities as independently as possible.

Clients are assessed & supported to pursue their interests with appropriate support. Ideally, if possible,  this support is established through the community. This may be through linking the client with a volunteer from a mainstream community based club, providing initial support to the client and then monitoring participation, providing education to the Club members regarding the client's needs to successful participate. It is acknowledged that often there is a need for paid support to enable our clients to reach their goals.


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